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Interested in investigating "How too much of a "good thing" alters neural circuits and affects future behavior?"

We are actively recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Come work on projects investigating 1) how experience-dependent plasticity in the nucleus accumbens regulates reward processing, with a focus on the consumption of palatable foods and stress modulation of food intake, and 2) examine the regulatory role of neuromodulators in hedonic feeding. 

If interested, please email Dr. Christoffel with the subject line: "Postdoc Applicant " or "Ph.D. applicant" with a brief description of your goals and experience, CV, and 2-3 references (name and email). 

While the lab is not currently seeking new undergraduate students, interested students should send an email with the subject “Undergrad Research Interest” to Chase Carter and cc Dr. Christoffel with the following information: (1) availability (hrs/week), (2) previous related experience, and (3) a short description of why you are interested in this lab. (You must volunteer in the lab before being able to receive course credit*).